Who knew peace could be so dramatic?

There is a word that comes to mind, a feeling really, frisson–when a tingling washes over your body. Goosebumps, the chills. For me, it starts at the base of the spine and rises, wrapping around the ribs. Then my fingertips get involved, as if i can feel every capillary around every nerve ending expand, flushing, ready to carry, ready to sense something.

It blossoms onto the back of my neck, through my ears, like a ghostly flower, intangible but bright. Then, at the very top of my head, a pinpoint and a shower of sparks, a flurry of stars spraying out in a prismatic firework.

It is what the body does in the moment of awe, when the mind shuts down. When the small talk of consciousness fades into white noise then nothing, and the whole physical thing that we are erupts and says “I am here. For whatever reason, I do exist.”

Photo and video credit to Bevan Percival

Check out his other videos here.


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