The Narrative Illustrations of Chiara Bautista (aka Milk)

The Dancing Rest

777-10. Chiara Bautista (MILK)

Chiara Bautista is an elusive and elliptical artist.
What may I say about her? She is Mexican and each of her artworks is a visual embodiment of complex and elaborate stories about love, life, music and beautiful monsters.

“As for my personal work, I create the illustrations in order to work as part of a small conversation and use them to express something I can’t find the right words for. After more than a decade of condensing big amounts of text into single images on a daily basis, I find using visual communication as normal as any other language. We can say things through music, words and actions. I’m one of those who like to say it using figures and colors.” Chiara Bautista

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ANA MARY. Chiara Bautista (MILK)Oh my deer. Chiara Bautista (MILK)Roundhere. Chiara Bautista (MILK)GIFT. Chiara Bautista (MILK)CB

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