Bio: I'm a writer/poet with a wild brain and a big heart (literally. I'm quite tall). I'm a philosopher in my own world and an absurd childish fool in everyone else's. I live at the pace of dreams. Time is a useful illusion, but it always seems to be dying, passing. We always seem to be out of it, or, like blood, have too much on our hands. Consciousness is becoming a fading art-form, self-realization becoming the constantly disappearing ink scrawled across it. If you want to know about me you have to accept a few things: 1. reality is a shifting cascade of probabilities held in place by convenient paradigms of will (that's what SHE said, amiright?) 2. The highest form of knowledge is realizing that we know nearly nothing. 3. Laughter and orgasm are the highest states of human existence. The combination of both is probably love. 4. I'm not really a pretentious, pedantic asshole, I just play one on [this holographic] television.

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